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Tendencias en etiquetas y Packaging 2024

Asteria Group offers packaging trends for 2024

The packaging and labelling industry is undergoing a remarkable transformative journey, driven by new customer demands, environmental impact, and advancements in innovation and technology. Asteria’s CEO, Ives Declerck, exclusively shares his insights on the leading topics in the industry. This question and answers covers a range of trends and perspectives that will play a major role in packaging and labelling in 2024 and beyond. There’s plenty of inspiration for your business. Discover the labels and packaging trends.

1- What are some key packaging and labelling trends expected to dominate in 2024?

First, we can expect sustainable packaging to continue its prominence with a focus on recyclability and eco-friendly materials. Brands who understand that this is crucial for their growth will increase the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials to minimise their environmental impact..

As a result, we will see more efforts and support for the idea of reusing resources which is directly connected to reusable packaging models. Companies that contribute to a more circular economy, not only promote sustainable practices but also appeal to a growing base of environmentally conscious consumers.

We anticipate a growing emphasis on transparent and honest labelling. The challenge in 2024 lies in empowering your clients with comprehensive information about sourcing, production practices, and social responsibilities while maintaining your brand’s appeal. We also expect a rise in the adoption of multilayer labels and booklet labels to meet the rising demand for enhanced customer information such as multilingual usage guidelines, culinary instructions, safety precautions, exclusive discounts, and exciting competitions. The Booklet Label offers a compact solution for presenting extensive information within a confined space.

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