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Lanzan al mercado innovadores caramelos nutraceúticos en Asia

Boncha Bio has announced a strategic partnership with dsm-firmenich in a move to transform the dietary supplement market with the introduction of candyceuticals — a concept that combines sweetened taste sensations with nutraceutical health benefits. The partnership has unveiled the NutriBurst product line.

Officially signed at the Vitafoods Asia 2023 exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand, the collaboration aims to utilize Boncha Bio’s candy capsule technology with dsm-firmenich’s nutrient and supplement knowledge and offerings. dsm-firmenich now has exclusive distribution rights for candyceuticals in Japan and South Korea.

“In Asian markets, particularly South Korea and Japan, the constant demand for novel formats and unique consumer experiences is reshaping the market,” says Ling Rei-Ting, regional MRS lead for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area at dsm-firmenich. “Consumers are leaning toward more natural, pleasurable ways to consume supplements.”

The market-ready solutions will fall under the company’s Health, Nutrition and Care business unit in Asia.

NutritionInsights/November 16, 2023

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