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La aplicación de ultrasonido en alimentos revela una interesante oportunidad de crecimiento para la

This review illustrated the recent ultrasound applications in different food systems derived from a number of food sources including dairy, animal, cereal, and fruit.

Aside from an overview of the physiochemical effects of sonication on food structure modification on protein, polysaccharides and emulsions, which contribute to the changes in the key functionality of these major components in the food system, the benefits of ultrasound modification on protein, polysaccharides and emulsions are also summarized. In the food industry, ultrasonication is recognised as an emerging green technology with great application potential. Power ultrasound, a high-power low-frequency ultrasound, is of significant interest as it possesses wide usage within numerous sectors, particularly food processing.

The potential benefits and limitations of ultrasound are evaluated, and it is concluded ultrasound in food applications is a high-potential topic of research. Further study is necessary to be conducted to widen the application and efficiency of this technology in other industrial sectors.

Food Research/ August 2023 Edition

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