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Japón: Científicos descubren nuevo método para controlar el apetito

In a study, just published in Nature Metabolism, scientists from Trinity College Dublin and Princeton and Harvard Medical School share newly uncovered secrets to natural appetite control, which offers promise in the battle against obesity and type-2 diabetes.

The new research shows the diabetes drug Metformin and solid foods elevate a hunger-reducing factor (Lac-Phe) in the body, while sugary drinks have minimal effects.

Obesity is a key driver of type-2 diabetes, and the 2022 Eurostat report revealed that 1 in 5 Irish adults are obese. Indeed, global diabetes cases have more than tripled in the last 20 years, alongside the rise in obesity. The cost of managing diabetes represents approximately 9% of EU Member States' health care budgets—totaling €149 billion in 2019.

Source: Nature metabolism

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