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Comer cereales integrales, frutas y verduras sin almidón está vinculado con un menor aumento de peso

Ditching potatoes and bread for spinach and carrots may help keep the pounds off in middle age, new research claims.

As we age, it can become harder to keep the weight off because the body's metabolism slows as the years go on. According to a team of US scientists a diet high in refined carbohydrates, starchy vegetables and sugary drinks also doesn't help, which they found lead to greater weight gain through midlife.

In contrast, eating more whole grains, fruit, and non-starchy vegetables is linked to less weight gain, according to a study published by The British Medical Journal on Thursday.

Findings show the associations were stronger in women and those with excess body fat. Experts say their research highlights the "potential importance of carbohydrate sources for long term weight management".

Uk daily/September 28, 2023

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